Sport Ice 240Stamina long Sock

SSM-2/SM-6 - Special Constructions for SSM-2

Price: 7093.00 RON
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This combination gives you the possibility to do both the contouring and finishing sharpening (flat or hollow) using the same machine. SM-6 is an addition to newer SSM-2 machines. It is used to profile the skate lengthwise by copying a suitable template. The SM-6 can be bought separately as well, but then your SSM-2 should be of a "newer" model for it to fit.

When buying the SSM-2/SM-6 package there is an extra holder (H-5 or H-10) included. Four standard templates are included with the SM-6. You can easily dismount the SM-6 in case you need to bring the SSM-2 with you for an away game.

The SSM-2/SM-6 is popular among ice hockey teams where you have the SSM-2 as the regular sharpener and use the SM-6 to occationally change the glide surface on skates.