Cod produs: 1297208
554.00 RON
Color: Transparent
Main characteristics: Feel, Power, Spin
Material: Hypernyl™
Diameter: 1,19 mm (gauge 17)
Durability: Good
Rec strings tension: 9-11 kg

Rough Diamond – a game changer!

The Rough Diamond string has a unique combo of extreme power, max spin and extremely high energy return. It has a very good tension stability. The latter is made possible by using a newly developed material – HyperNylon - which offer improved polymer tension stability.

DoubleAR HyperNylon is produced through a co-extrusion process combining two different nylon materials, and finally applying a process to create a rough surface texture to add that extra spin on the ball.

Please note! Pre–stretch the string 5% when stringing the racket for best result.
The string is made in Italy by DoubleAR.
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