Cod produs: 1295200
Cod culoare: -
64.00 RON
Color: Royal Blue
Main characteristics: Feel, Power, Spin
Material: Thermonyl™
Diameter: 1,18 mm (gauge 17)
Durability: Good
Rec strings tension: 9-11 kg
Length: 10m


Using the best quality Italian nylon and applying more than – 15 ”inhouse” processing stages in order to obtain Thermonyl the first highperformance nylon monofilament available on the squash market.DoubleAR has succeeded where others have failed: to create amonofilament with the same (or even more…) power than top qualitymultifilament, capable to tolerate the extreme shock caused by theimpact of a squash ball. Thermonyl is used for Salming Challengestring.

For Thermonyl we can also offer a Bi-color technology, which allowsto us to produce a unique filament with alternating colors withoutafflicting the yarn properties. The Challenge string enablesus to offer an infinite range of possible customizations possibilities.

The exclusive Thermonyl material gives the Challenge string:
- Pure performance
- Great feel, and;
- Exceptional power.
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