Cod produs: 1295202
64.00 RON
Color: Black
Main characteristics: Power, Feel, Durability
Material: Ultranyl™
Diameter: 1,22 mm (gauge 17)
Durability: Very good
Rec strings tension: 9-11 kg
Length: 10m

The Instinct Response provides max stability, durability and high energy return. The material used is Ultranyl and it is a revolutionary material able to fix all the weaknesses of traditional nylon (tension maintenance, durability) and enhance its positive features (power, feel and comfort). Instinct Response is a blend of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.7 which, combined in a secret co-extrusion formula, determine a new standard in the nylon strings world. The string is made in Italy by DoubleAR.
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