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The skate sharpening station SSM TT-3 has been under development for several years and is now finally released. Its predecessor was SSM-T26, an addition to the SSM-2 for sharpening figure skates. Thanks to the new design of the machine it will manage all skates on the market (except Paramount SK8S and touring skates). People who have been testing it really liked how easy and smooth it felt when sharpening skates.

Edge the competition
EASY SETTING - This machine has a newly developed system for centering the sharpening underneath the skate blade very accurately. We got the idea when we designed the SRK PRO for SSM-2. You just have to measure the skate blade width and turn a scale to that measurement to get centering. This device has an incredible precision!

FAST - Just like the SSM-2 this machine will sharpen a skate in under a minute!

FEELS AMAZING - The design with two tables moving on top of shafts (using bearings) gives a simply amazing feeling. No friction to talk about whatsoever!

SHARPEN ANY SKATE - The new skate holder will manage all skates on the market today (except Paramount SK8S and touring skates). There is no need to switch between holders.
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